This was a firm family favourite back in the UK.  When ever there was a family get together, and there were many, it was always requested as one of the desserts I took along.

So this is it, my semi freddo adapted from good old Jamie Oliver.

55g Sugar
4 Large free range eggs, separated
500 ml Fresh cream
1-2 Tsp vanilla essence or 1 vanilla pod

This is a very quick recipe, you need three mixing bowls as everything gets whisked separately and then combined in a large bowl.  I use alarge rectangular earthenware dish (I purchased 12 years ago from Temuka Pottery) which I then place covered with clingfilm in the freezer until it is ready to be eaten.

1. Whisk the vanilla, sugar and egg yolks in the largest bowl until pale

2. In a second bowl, whisk the cream until soft peaks form (it is important that you don't over whip it, it will ruin everything and you will have to start over)

3. In a third bowl whisk the egg whites with the salt until stiff, this means when you pull the egg whites into different directions they will staylike it.

4. At this point you can add any flavouring you choose or leave it plain. I stirred a little freshly made strawberry jam through and then decorated with strawberries. Its quite rich so doesn't need too much with it, some fresh summer berries would suffice.

5. Add the cream and the egg whites to the egg mixture andquickly scoop it all up into your desired container, and freeze until you are ready to eat. Give it at least 6-8 hrs.



You can decorate it with praline, or roasted nuts, or toffee & caramel, or just drizzle with your favourite chocolate sauce!



Perfect for those summer BBQ's.


Till next time