For me food celebrates life.

Food evokes a passion in me that I cherish, from the childhood days growing up in Malawi to living here in my beautiful country of New Zealand.

For me food celebrates life ….. that’s it, without it you cannot survive, so for me, making it healthy, nutritious and easy is vital.

My passion for food goes along way, but realising that I love sharing it and writing about it started afew years ago.  I started writing a blog, in which my story as a busy working mum unfolded. Juggling work and children and a home is something we all have to do. I decided to share my stories and my love for the food I grew up with.

Things have come a long way since then. I have been published in some great food magazines, and I decided to create a website, which showcases my food and the way I cook. Using simple spices that I have grown up using. With these and some staples, you can create simple, authentic eastern inspired dishes for you and those you love.




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