I love summer... and I love strawberries, in fact I love all berries. But  blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are my favourite . They are so versatile, you can cook them, bake them, freeze them and use them in all sorts of lovely summer recipes. 

We decided to go strawberry picking at the weekend, it reminded me of summer back in England and Wimbledon and strawberries and cream (I know what you are going to say....what summer in England!) We have been known to have some lovely summers there....and strawberry picking was one of the things I loved doing with my family.

We headed to Kumeu and it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, and I had strawberry jam in mind amongst other things, so off we went with our buckets, although a little late in the season, the strawberries were still sweet and juicy!

We ate and picked, savouring the warm juicy flavour of summer, until we had picked 3kg!  I think this should be enough for strawberry jam and a whole lot more besides!  We ended the afternoon with divine fresh strawberry ice cream made at the farm.  So back home I had already decided what I would be making with my strawberries, so the next few blog entries will be dedicated to the 3 kg's of the juicy berries, starting with my strawberry jam.



Till the next strawberry blog!