My baby turned 11 in February,  and as I refelct on the past year, sometimes I cant help thinking, how time flies and we have to cherish every moment.

It is a tradition in our family that I always bake a cake for both my children's birthdays. So they tell me what flavour and style of cake and I endevour to deliver!  (within reason of course!)

So this year Zara had seen a gorgeous cake she wanted, a moist chocolate cake (4 layers) with pale pink buttercream icing, and a topping of hundred's and thousands, with a surprise inside!

I baked 2 whole cakes and 2 with a hole in them, and once cool and ready to be iced, I started with a whole cake, then adding the cake with a 'hole', sandwiching with butter icing, then the 3rd cake with the 'hole', then adding 6-7 pkts of smarties, and then the final whole cake on top.  Then butter icing to all 4 layers, with a generous sprinkling of hundred's and thousands. A cake fit for a princess!