Producing a cookbook literally takes over your life!!  In a good way, its been all encompassing and all consuming, so much so that some things have been left on the back burner, like my blog.

Here is a post on how to make this gorgeous bar/slice that i have been making for the last 16 years.

It was first introduced to me when my lovely friend Jo bought a whole batch over when I had just had Adam (my first born) and i have loved it ever since, i shared a photo of it on instagram yesterday and many of you wanted the the recipe, so here goes....

This easy slice can be made in a microwave, in a mivcrowave safe container

100g Butter

1 Tbls Honey

1/4 Cup soft brown sugar

1/4 Cup white sugar

2 Cups rolled oats

1/2 Cup dessicated coconut

1/2 Chopped apricots

1 Tsp vanilla essence


1/4 Cup crunchy peanut butter

1/2 Cup chocolate chips

In a small bowl melt the butter & honey for 1 min on high, then add vanilla, mix through.

In a large bowl, mix the sugars, oats, coconut, apricots, add the melted butter & honey, mix until combined. Press into a lined microwave safe tray/dishand microwave on high for 3 1/2 min.  Using a spatula press down and leave aside.

For the icing heat the peanut butter and chocolate chips in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Stir and spread over the oat mixture. Cool and set in the fridge ( I usually make it the night before) Once set, you can cut it to the desired peices.

Enjoy! Dont eat them all at once :-)



oaty sqaures.JPG