This is a simple stir fry dish, that hardly takes any effort.  Perfect for a mid week meal that doesn't  take any time to put together. This recipe is enough for 2 adults and 2 children, you can always add more for a larger number of people

500g beef stir fry
8-10 mushrooms
1 Cupgreen beans ( you can use fresh or frozen) oil for frying
2-3 Tbls cornflour
2 cloves garlic, crushed
some grated ginger
2 Tbls Teriyaki sauce
2 Tbls Soy sauce
1 Tbl sweet chilli sauce
3 eggs

1. Add the crushed garlic and ginger to the beef strips and set aside, cut the mushrooms into quarters.
2. Mix all the sauces together in a bowl and set aside
3. Put cornflour in a bowl and then add the beef strips to this, coating well
4. Heat oil in a large wok, you will need about 100-150 mls of oil, fry the beef strips in batches until golden, remove and set aside on paper towls, remove most of the oil, leaving enough to stir fry the vegetables
4. stir fry the green beans and then the mushrooms, add the sauce and then lastly crispy beefjust before serving, so the beef doesn't get soggy.

Serve with fried rice (see earlier post), with my egg fried rice, I cook the rice and then separately, whisk the eggs and make an omelet, cut into strips and stir through the rice.  Simple.