One of my friends asked me if I would bake a cake for her daughter's 18th birthday.  Initially I was a little hesitant as, although I love baking (& cooking) I really hadn't delved into baking and decorating celebration cakes for other people. 

She had a design in mind and wanted a vanilla sponge cake.  So I started by baking 3 vanilla sponges, a lovely fool proof sponge that is also the one I used, for my next blog entry of a classic Victoria sponge.

The next step was mixing the 3 tones of pink, I did veer slightly away from the picture below, instead of 4 rows of roses I stuck with 3 and the tone of my pink was slightly different . I used a butter cream icing and used 1.5 kg of icing sugar!


I started withcrumb coating the cake with plain icing and then used the darker pink at the bottom and then lighter in the middle and then ending with an even lighter tone on the top of the cake.


I must say the result was fabulous, it looked very pretty, and she was thrilled!


One gorgeous rosette cake fit for any celebration, this time an 18th birthday.



Till next time