I feel I have really neglected my blog since my last entry.  Life  has been pretty hectic, with the children back at school and the days getting shorter it seems there are never enough hours in the day!  I have been cooking, I promise,  scrumptious, slow cooked meals and warm hearty dinners and pies and casseroles.  All from my range of cookbooks and magazines that I collect and plenty from my own cookbook that is waiting very patiently to get published. Although I am very excited because this month NZ House & Garden has published a food feature, with some of my recipes.  It's called "Spice of Life" and it looks (and tastes) divine!  Thank you so much to Sally Butters and her team for a fabulous job! Go out and get a copy its on sale now in the shops.

Writing is a passion, I love books, I think technology is great too with Ipads and Kindles ect taking over the world, I still think there is a place for books.  Call me old fashioned but I love holding a book, turning the pages, it's tangible, you can put it  down and pick it up at your leisure. The same goes for cookbooks, the ones that are published beautifully look amazing just sitting on your coffee table to admire. 

I have my favourites, that I use again and again. I never tire of buying new ones (so there is a hint for gifts!)  I love adding to my collection, I get an amazing feeling when I look through a gorgeous cookbook, the wealth of information of countries and their cuisines.  The ones that I really like are the ones that tell a story, of a world completely different to mine, you can learn so much about a country through the food.   I admire all chose amazing chefs out there who have the talent to create some amazing food.   I like collecting magazines too, this provides some light reading as well yummy recipes, and then I cut up my favourite ones (as the magazines take over the house!) and put them in a folder to refer back to.

I have a wish list of cookbooks that I want, and I don't think that I will stop collecting them, and hope that one day I will be adding mine to the collection. Watch this space!



Enjoy the article in NZ House & Garden!

Till next time