Wow, I cannot believe how time flies, first you have a tiny wriggly bundle in your arms and before you know it, they are taller than you!
My son Adam turned 12 last week, and he just wanted some friends over to hang out, shoot some baskets and watch movies on the media screen in the lounge.  So we decided to do it over the long weekend, was it wise having six  12/13 yr olds sleep over....ummmm I don't know if any of us got any sleep!  But they had a great time hanging out and being boys.

I love baking cakes for both my children on their birthdays, but I must admit it's getting harder to figure out what they like without being too childish (for a 12 yr old that is!) So when I saw something like this on a fb page, I decided to have a go.

Really simple, I used my no fail chocolate cake recipe ( in one of the earlier entries), made three cakes - using 23 cm cake tins, and sandwiched them with chocolate icing.
I made a simple chocolate icing, using butter, cocoa, icing sugar and boiling water. And crumb coated the cake.  In hind sight though butter icing is also a good option.
After crumb coating I attached the chocolate wafers, and six types of chocolates, jaffas, maltesers, pebbles chocolate covered raisins and some mint balls and white chocolate drops.

The result was fabulous and the cake went down a treat!  I don't think anyone will be eating chocolate for a while.


Dinner was chicken burgers and fries ( they said no to salad....) followed by birthday cake and then ice cream. 

Shooting hoops....what they do best, four of them are in the school basketball team.

The quietest I saw them the whole weekend ;-)