In the school holidays, I get a phone call, from Sticky TV, to say, Adam had applied to go on the show.  I knew nothing about this! Kids!  So after having a chat to him he replied," oh yeah I applied last year... he had completely forgotten about it!
Anyway they were looking to see if he was interested in taking part in "StickyDiner", he ummed and aahed and then decided he would give it a go for a laugh.

So him and a friend (Ethan) were going to work as a team. The camera man arrives at home on the first day of the school holidays.  The boys are a little unsure, bit of trepidation, and the cameraman is filming a segment for the profiles for each team. they wanted the boys to be cooking/baking something while they asked questions ect.

The boys did really well, they were great with their answers and very tidy as the baked some Anzac biscuits (as it was Anzac Day on the Thursday)  


This was their result!  They talked about their tactics on Friday (which was when Sticky diner was being filmed)   and eased into their roles as TV chefs. Adam laughed and said " I beat you to it mum"!

On the Friday, we dropped them off at the studios in Kumeau, and unbeknown to them, they were up against two girls from their school!  They cooked their dishes using limited ingredients. They had to make a starter, main and a dessert.  They made toasted pita bread and their own hummus!, Honey glazed chicken breast with tomatoes and a chocolate sponge pudding.  Unfortunately they didn't win, but came away with an  Edmonds Cookbook each.  I was so proud of Adam taking part, and what a great fun thing to do in the school holidays.  It will be aired last week of May and 1st week of June.

Till next time.